Some reactions from AUDUBON BIRD CALL users:

  • “As is written on the package: -communication is possible- I looked for, and managed to get contact with a song-sparrow!”
  • “In 2010 I will be 72. If, by that time, I still walk around as happily chirping like a bird with your birdcall as I do now, I will be very pleased.”
  • “My children have such hectic lives, that I will give them the AUDUBON BIRD CALL. Perhaps it will make them allow the time to quietly observe birds.”
  • “A cat came slinking nearer, eyeing the many birds in my garden. With my birdcall I made the “alarm” sound and as far as I could tell, I performed a good deed….”
  • “Birds really started coming into our bushes. Now we have bought a bird book in order to learn more about birds.”
  • “In Australia it is “cool” to walk around with a birdcall on a thong around your neck”
  • “We have so much fun with the birdcall. We enclose a foto of our son with it”